Having health issues can be difficult, but what makes it worse is not having reliable transportation to take you to your appointments. This is why non-emergency medical transportation were created. Individuals are now able to get to and from appointments, whether the distance is short or long. Finding the right type of transport is vital to both your mental and physical health.

When you can rely on ACC Medlink transportation you are able to ease your mind from a stressful situation. In order to find the proper non-emergency medical transportation company for you, you need to research and find one that can meet all of your needs.


What is non-emergency medical transports?

A non-emergency medical transport is a transportation benefit offered to recipients through managed care organizations and health insurance provides. Medical transports helps barriers in transportation along with preventing patients from missing medical appointments.

A non-emergency medical transport helps individuals get to and from medical care, for appointments. The goal of a non-emergency medical transport is to get a patient from one location to another while offering them medical support.

This transportation is not made to offer treatment or a rapid transport to an emergency department. Instead they offer support and assistance. The transportation is made to be comfortable, assuring, safe, and relaxing. Non-emergency medical transportation offers patients a safe way to get to and from medical appointments and facilities.

If you’re experiencing medical issues that are not an emergency, but you still feel the need of having someone transport you to the hospital, then non-emergency medical transportation is for you. It is always nice to have support and be able to rely on someone to be there for you. The non-emergency medical transportation companies makes sure that all of your needs are met.


Who is Eligible for Medical Transport?

An individual who is medically stable, but needs medical support is eligible for non-emergency medical transportation. If you require services during transportations such as getting your blood pressure checked every hour, or taking your pulse often, then non-emergency medical transportation is something you should check into.

If you require oxygen and are unable to drive because of it, then a non-emergency medical transportation company can help get you to where you need to be and it doesn’t affect your levels of oxygen.

An example would be a patient in the hospital who is ready to go back to the nursing home or a chronically ill patient who needs transportation to and from doctor appointments.

Anyone is able to receive medical transport, they just have to locate a company in their area. Before going with a company, it is important to know what they offer and how their benefits can benefit you as an individual and as a patient.

You need to take into consideration the rates of each company and what your insurance offers. Using a non-emergency medical transport is cheaper than calling 911 and having an ambulance pick you up then transport you to the hospital.